Release Notes

The Release Notes document describes new features and fixes incorporated in this version of Cloudbreak.


This release includes the following improvements:

Feature Description
Designate Ambari Server Host Group (RMP-7026) When creating a cluster, you can designate in which host group to include Ambari Server.
Azure: Support for New Regions (RMP-7028) Support for Canada East and Canada Central.

Fixes & Changes

This release include the following changes:

Refer to the Change Log for a full list of changes.

Area Change
Azure Cloud Provider Reduce host name length on Azure in order to be sure that the hostname is under 64 chars.
Azure Cloud Provider Azure VMs now support private deployments (when VMs have private IP only).
Azure Cloud Provider Cloudbreak no longer uses the same host names for every cluster on Azure.
Azure Cloud Provider Introduces configurable stack name prefix length in Azure host names: cluster name is generated into the hostname, allowing you to specify how many characters will be included as a prefix in the hostname.
Networking The "all-ports-open" security group was renamed to "UNSECURE-all-services-open" in order to make it more obvious that it is not recommended to use.
Networking The "all-ports-open" security group is not the default anymore. If you would like to make your cluster open, you must explicitly select the "UNSECURE-all-services-open" security group.

Technical Preview

This release includes the following Technical Preview features and improvements:

Feature Description
Custom Images Technical Preview Ability to set custom images. See Cloud Images for more information.
AWS: Spot Pricing Technical Preview Support for configuring Spot Price with resource templates.
Mesos Technical Preview Support for Mesos cloud provider. See Mesos for more information.
Kerberos Technical Preview Support for enabling Kerberos on the HDP clusters deployed by Cloudbreak. See Kerberos for more information.
Platforms Technical Preview Support for defining Platforms to relate different configurations together. See Platforms for more information.
Ambari Database Technical Preview Support for using an external database for Ambari. See Ambari Database for more information.
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