Release Notes

The Release Notes summarize and describe changes released in Cloudbreak.


This release includes the following fixes and improvements:

Feature Description
Ability to create clusters without public IP In case a cluster is deployd in a private subnet then instances will not have public IP addresses.
UI pageload fix Sometimes the UI load was hanging.
Ability to use Cloudbreak with IAM instance profiles In case you already have instance profiles roles configured (and they can assume roles) you can pass it to Cloudbreak.
Lazy format fix on Azure Azure format was extremely slow when more than 16 disks are attached.

Technical Preview

This release includes the following Technical Preview features and improvements:

Feature Description
Mesos Technical Preview Support for Mesos cloud provider.
Kerberos Technical Preview Support for enabling Kerberos on the HDP clusters deployed by Cloudbreak. See Kerberos for more information.
SSSD Technical Preview Support for configuring System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) to help with cluster user management. See SSSD for more information.
Platforms Technical Preview Support for defining Platforms to relate different configurations together. See Platforms for more information.
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