Custom applications

Though our main goal is to provide an extremely easy to use, secure and well documented API, and abstract the complexity of Big Data development we understand that for some the building blocks are not enough - we are available to build custom applications, help you to start your Big Data initiative and build your first cluster.

Algorithm development

We provide a large set of machine learning algorithms, pattern detections and map-reduce jobs but we understand that every business is unique - our data engineering team is happy to build algorithms and jobs specific to your needs. We migrate proven and working algorithms from different systems (SAS, R) defined in PMML.

Build and train data models

Should you consider machine learning as a tool to gain insights from your data but uncertain which algorithms and models to use? Our data scientist team can help you to build, train, refine, optimize and constantly adjust your data models and helps you to understand the math behind each model.

Custom in and outbound data connectors

We are constantly working to increase our inbound and outbound data connectors, and provide an SDK to build custom ones. We love large datasets and building connectoes specific to different standards - our application development team can help you to build your own unique data connector.


We understand that many of our customers would like to interact with the post-processed data and beside the actionable insights would like to use analytics tools to build dashboards or create reports. We are happy to build or integrate your already existing data analytics toolsets or work with our Big Data analytics partners to build a custom solution for your enterprise.